Within the BIM methodology, we must always have the 3D model generation tool.

In ApliCAD since the emergence of Revit, we have developed various projects that allow the automation of processes, standardization and other tasks so necessary if you want to make good use of BIM tools available.

In addition to custom developments, we have contributed to the development of communication tools between different systems.

One of the best known was started for Revit 2010, and it is our ApliCAD CTE HULC program, which is the only application that allows automated generation of the HULC model and materials information. It is the shortest step between the 3D model developed in Revit and the HULC program developed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Agenda.

Another commercial product is ApliCAD UpdateBIM, which allows the management of Revit families privately or publicly.

If you need programming to standardize processes, or to automate them, do not hesitate to contact us.